Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Athletics and P.E

Welcome back to my blog and today I am blogging about our P.E. Lately we have been practicing for our athletics day. My favorite event is high jump, long jump and 200m sprints.When I was year four and we did it in the 200m sprints final I got 1st out of the boys and in the 400m I got 2nd out of the year four boys. Conor G got first. I want to make it to inter school athletics for 200m, long jump, or high jump. Last year I went for 200m. To get to the finals you had to come in the top 2 from your heat. I was enjoyed after my race because I got 3rd and missed out by 1 placing. I was about 1 footstep or 2 behind him.
Here is a photo of me running today

For school we have been practicing throws, running and hop and skip jump. I hope that you have enjoyed I will see you next time make sure to leave a comment. See you next time


  1. Wow Cameron you are a really fast runner

  2. good vocab and good explaining good puncation love the photo and detail

  3. Good job Cam you are a fast runner.I would of been very proud if i came 3rd for inter Schools i year 4.So great job mate.