Friday, February 27, 2015

Five Nights at Freddy's


Five nights at Freddy's is a cool game but also a scary and entertaining game. You have to stay there for three nights until 6 am with surviving. There are robot teddy things that try to kill you if you run out of power you are screwed unless it is 6 am then you are safe. There is 3 different versions. It is one of my favourite games. The characters that try to kill you are Freddy, Foxy,Bunny,Cheka, Bonnie and Ballon boy.

Friday, February 20, 2015


Cristiano Ronaldo

Ronaldo is my favourite player. He gets paid about 4.2 million dollars a game he plays for Real Madrid and Portagul. He.He is the best player in the world.
He is the captain of both of his teams.The leagues he plays for are the Fifa World Cup and the lala -liga leauge. These  leuages are in Spain except for  the Fifa World Cup. His friend is Messi. Ronaldos got a two story house in Portugal. He also has a labrador.

Here is a picture
of Ronaldo.

Friday, February 13, 2015

Parkvale Taylors

Hi my name is Cameron. Rory,Hunter and I are in the Parkvale Taylors hard ball team.We are in the highest team.Its our first game on Saturday but we have played it before. Our first game was against  Central Hawkes Bay.You have to wear pads,gloves,box and a bat.
On Saturday we are playing Twyford at Parkvale. We are lucky because every play at Parkvale
Mr Gifkins going to open the pool for 15 minutes. We have a good team.Two girls and 11 boys.
Our coach is Mark Gifkins and Kelvin Granger. We practice on Thursday at 3.45-4.30.

Thursday, February 5, 2015


Here is Wolverine and he has come to rescue once again. He stars in the movie X-MEN. He's a strong superhero who saves people's lives. Wolverine  is one of my favorite superheros as well as Hulk, Captain America and Thor. Small claws can come out of his knuckles. He can kill people. He is fast but most of all, he's Wolverine!!!