Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Camp Omatua / Weka

Camp Omatua

Tuesday 1st March

Tomorrow Rimu hub are going to Camp Omatua. For the past few day's we have been working in our multipurpose books. We have made a title page and glued in the time table's and group's for camp. This is my 5th camp at this school. I am a year six and my first camp was when I was a year 2. It was a fun experience at Weka because I had never been there before. Camden Bruce also came to Weka with me but he had been there 10 times because of scout's. At Weka when first arrived there were Bull's. So we had to be careful that we didn't annoy  them otherwise they might of charged us. The next day they rounded them up into a paddock so that they wouldn't charge the other people when they came for the river walk. I enjoyed the river walk because it was deep and shallow in some places, but is was a little bit cold. We went from Weka all the way to camp Omatua.

As you can see is a Huntsman Spider in the fire pit from camp.
It is actually holding a egg sack under it.