Monday, June 22, 2015

The Island

I am blogging this because I enjoyed the story and I liked writing it. I was learning new words and to fix my own mistakes.

                                                        The Island 
Bang!I hoped out of the helicopter. I was stuck on a stranded Island.My helicopter had crashed. For a while I thought to my self.I had an idea I would walk for a  little bit and see what I could find.Longer and longer I walked.

Suddenly I came across a bunch off people camping by the sea in a tent.I asked them if they spoke English.It was silent for a little bit but they didn't. They walked off for a swim in the sea.Then the tent I remembered so I went inside and stole some supplies like,food,clothes and bed ware.

I got back to my helicopter made a shelter and and went to sleep.The next morning half of my stuff was gone but any way my helicopter was fixed and good to go so I could go home.And I did THE END!



I am blogging this because I liked trying something new.I was learning new
basket ball skills.Here is a link to my slide.Hope you enjoy.

Friday, June 12, 2015


I am blogging this because I enjoyed it and I did good in it.I was learning how to measure and add different ways.
Here is a picture of my working out from my maths task. Here we had to measure from Annie's town and visit all of her friends and make it bake to Annie's town. We could take whatever route we wanted to take around the map.My partners were Josh and Manasseh. I thought it was really fun and challenging too. I would like to do more things like this again in the future.