Tuesday, April 5, 2016

My I Proud

My Best Learning

This is my…
Mystery object
In my hand is a small heavy object. It is very sparkly like a diamond. It has sharp pointy bits at the back.You can wear it in your hair like a headband.
There are a few holes in it, with diamonds on the sides. It smells like metal. You can wear it to a ball/dance. Princesses,girls and boys can wear them but boys, trust me don’t. Now can you guess what it is.

I am proud of this because… It was fun making the writing and I enjoyed it. I think it is a good detailed piece of writing. I went to a workshop and learnt how to choose the best vocabulary and I improved it.

My biggest challenge was...Adding detail because It was only a small object. But after a workshop I could improve it.

Leave in the comments what you think it is.