Sunday, March 29, 2015

My rich maths task

IMG_0203 (1).JPG
This is my maths.We had to reflect rotate and translate.We had two make an array of 48 shapes.What I did was 4 x 12. And this is what it looks like. The first time I tried it I did it wrong. I liked it but it was challenging as-well.We had two use 3 different shapes to make it with.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

My art

The big purple one is my Dad.Blue is my Mum.Red is my biggest sister, small purple my other sister and the smallest one me.I put the three smallest ones on the back because its the biggest of them all and we are the three kids.We made this art with Mrs Morris.I thought that it would be awesome to have a rainbow background so i did.We went around the edge with black and the stripes dark blue.

Friday, March 13, 2015



For PE we have been swimming.I am in the same
group as my friend's Brayden,Oscar,James,Rory,Hunter 
and Taylor.
am in the second highest group. I'm a pretty good 
swimmer.I'd rate my self about 6 and a half out of ten.Here is a picture of our pool.our pool is about 
24 meters long and about 10 meters long.

Friday, March 6, 2015


Here is my writing.

V room V room goes the car and off we go. I see it. I see it. The sign to the Sports Park. Spontaneously I light up.

I open the door.I sniff… all I smell is the mucked up grass.
We start off with a jog. After a while all I can feel is sweat dripping from my face.
Slowly down my body but I keep going.

I grab out my Powerade and have a big sip of it."Its nice I say to Dad" "yeah it is aye" Dad goes.
About an hour later dad said "time to go Cam" "oh really Dad 10 more minutes please" "no its tea time" "OK see you tomorrow
park bye". Off we went.