Monday, June 22, 2015

The Island

I am blogging this because I enjoyed the story and I liked writing it. I was learning new words and to fix my own mistakes.

                                                        The Island 
Bang!I hoped out of the helicopter. I was stuck on a stranded Island.My helicopter had crashed. For a while I thought to my self.I had an idea I would walk for a  little bit and see what I could find.Longer and longer I walked.

Suddenly I came across a bunch off people camping by the sea in a tent.I asked them if they spoke English.It was silent for a little bit but they didn't. They walked off for a swim in the sea.Then the tent I remembered so I went inside and stole some supplies like,food,clothes and bed ware.

I got back to my helicopter made a shelter and and went to sleep.The next morning half of my stuff was gone but any way my helicopter was fixed and good to go so I could go home.And I did THE END!


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