Thursday, August 11, 2016

Robotics, Week 1 and 2

Here is a photo of Khorteaz and I at robotics.
As you can see Khorteaz is holding our robot we made out of Lego. We made this in week one.In week two we made it move forwards and backward.In week three we get to make it turn 90,180 and 360 degrees.We might even have a competition.Hopefully we can be successful when we make it turn.
I thought that Khorteaz and I communicated and worked well with each other.Also I think we used our learning muscles.It is really fun learning about robots and how they work.This is the first time this year that we have done robotics.After we made our robots in week 1 we had to take them a part for the next group.We go mainly Wednesdays but sometimes Thursdays. We had to make sure that we used the right pieces, other wise we would have to go back and fix is all up.


  1. I like how you yous whetu

  2. Good job on the blog post i think you worked well as well we all the robotics

  3. Good job on the blog post i think you and your buddy worked really hard to do all of that work at the Robotics keep the good work up

  4. Good job on the blog post you did well. And it looks like your having fun in the pic