Monday, June 13, 2016

Passion projects

This is my passion project. It is a shark drawing. This is my plan. When I do the actual one it will be a lot bigger than this one now. I drew this shark all by myself and shaded it in. I really enjoy doing the passion projects. We go to our groups every day of the week apart from Monday and Tuesday. I cant wait to take it home, show my parents and hang it on my pin board with all my drawings. I am also drawing a background and coloring it blue. We have 5 weeks to complete our passion projects. We are allowed to choose what ever we want. Once it is done I will do another blog about this topic. I am blogging this because I have really enjoyed doing my passion project. I hope you enjoyed this post.

By Cameron Browning.


  1. wow Cameron that is awesome and amazing

  2. Wow that drawing is great love the little details and the fish mostly the shark well done

  3. Nice work Cameron, cool drawing, you are really good at drawing. Also nice work on the descripting wjat you have been doing.

  4. WOW even that drawing is good nice job!!

    1. Thank you Oscar for the nice comment

  5. wow your great at art as much as you are at sports.well done

  6. Nice work Cameron. That drawing is so detailed. You are quite good at drawing. Great blogpost keep up the great work.
    Ruby :)