Thursday, May 26, 2016

My reading task

I am blogging this because I enjoyed this task and learnt lots more things about space and new things I didn't know about.
This is my reading task. It is about black holes and stars.We had to write down five questions and search them up and answer them with as much detail as possible. It was kind of challenging at parts and others were easy as. It was an interesting task and now I know much more about black holes and stars there self. I wouldn't mind doing another task like this.

Lions- No escape

WALT- form questions based on what we have read.
WALT- research our own answers

Task- Write down 5 questions that have popped up for you as you are reading.
Write them here and research the answers. Explain the answer as well as you can.

1)Who first discovered black holes:
In 1916 Albert Einstein predicted black holes with his great general knowledge and theory of relativity.

2)Are black holes flat:
Black holes are really 4 dimensional. You may see drawings of black holes that are 2 dimensional but that is because us humans haven't discovered how to draw a black hole 4 dimensional on an piece of paper yet.

3)What's inside a black hole:
We have never seen what's inside a black hole because it is too dangerous to go near and if someone goes into one and get photos we would not be able to communicate with them.

4)Can anything escape from a black hole:
Nothing that falls into a black hole can come out because of its gravity is so strong it has to travel at 300,000 kilometers and that is the speed of light and even light cannot escape from it.

5)How long do stars live for:
A star with the mass of the sun will live for about 10 billion years.But it depends on their mass.The more massive the star the faster it burns its fuel supply.

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  1. Nice work Cameron, I like how you did it on your reading task. It is very interesting and I like your choice of questions. Keep up the great work Kai Pai!