Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Lately for Litericy

Lately for literacy we have been working on our writing for our reports. I was in Mrs Carrs retell group but then Mrs Love made me change into her essay group. There were three groups to choose from. They were retell, essay and narrative. My goal for this piece of writing is to reach level four.We had to choose two animals that look the same but are completely different. The example was killer whale and blue whale. I chose american alligators and Nile crocodiles. I hope that I reach level four.
Here is a photo of my plan for my essay.On the left and right sides are the American alligators and the Nile crocodiles differences and also in the middle are there similarities.I had to do so much research that I even had facts on the back of the page.

Here is my writing
Compare and contrast essay on Nile Crocodiles and American Alligators (Cameron)

You may think that Nile Crocodiles and American Alligators look and are the same, but they have many differences.


These creatures are both reptiles and are known as an apex predator and are on the top of the food chain. An apex predator is a adult animal that has no natural predator within the ecosystem. That includes a long list of razor clawed carnivores. These creatures are the apex predator because they are the one of the biggest and baddest creatures.  

These reptiles mainly consume fish and will attack any other unfortunate animal to cross its path. Because of these deadly reptiles there have been 200-2,500 animal deaths a year. Some eat men. They both have vertical pupils that open in wide and low light, which allows them to be impressive nocturnal hunters.

They are both cold blooded and fierce. They have a muscular tale and a lumpy back. The have very sharp teeth and love to swim around in rivers and other places.


Nile crocodile
A Nile crocodile is a very frightening reptile to come across. They can live up to a life span of 70-100 years. These creatures are also very fast. There top speed is 30-35 km per hour. A male adult can grow as long as 4.2 m, when a adult female can only grow to a length of 2.4-3.8 m. Nile Crocodiles mass is 220-550 kg (adult) Crocodyilies is the scientific name for the Nile Crocodile. There bite is the strongest and most powerful bite ever measured.

A nile crocodiles fourth tooth is always exposed. They are a greyish green colour with a big triangular snout. They are very intelligent and also love to swim and play in the water. If you got bite by one of these Nile Crocodiles, there razor sharp teeth would dig into your skin and tear you apart. They prefer coastal backish and saltwater habitats.Crocodile spends more time in the water than American Alligators.They are also more active.


American Alligators
American alligators are very big and scary.They can grow up to sizes of 3.4m-4.6m (male adult)
And females can grow to 2.7m (adult) A male's mass is 250kg when a females is only 91 kg. There lifespan is 30-50 years.Male alligators actually use infrasound to attract females. They are also listed as the least concerned by the international union for conservation of nature.There family is Alligatoridae.

When cleaning Alligator pools, some zookeepers can tread on Alligators without electing a response. American Alligators tend to be darker in color than Nile Crocodiles.They have a broad rounded snout and are usually found in fresh water. The alligators upper jaw is wider than its lower jaw, and the teeth in the lower jaw fit into small depression in the upper jaw.

You may think that these creatures are the same, but up close their appearance and behavior are much different to each other.

By Cameron Browning

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