Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Futsal nationals 2016

During the holidays I went to the Futsal nationals 2016. I was in the the U12 age group. In my team was me another Cameron,Christen (or Swiss that's his nick name),Koji,Jack,Alex,Max,Albert,Anchel (the goalie)Logan and Scott.We played ten games and lost them all because we had been playing with each other for seven weeks and the other teams had been together for 1-2 years.

I scored two goals one with my left foot (bad foot) and the other with my right foot from behind half way. I enjoyed playing in the team and would like to play in the nationals next year.

These are my futsal shoes they are Adidas ace 15.4 orange black and white futsal shoes. I bought mine from Craft N Hern. They are size 6. I was number nine and played at the back on the wing and up front. Futsal is 5 a side so we played 2 2 1 formation and also 3 1 1.


  1. Awesome Cam! It sucks that you didn't win any games but aleatst you tried your hardest.
    Also you have puts heaps of effort into this and you have cool futsal shoes!
    Keep Up The Great Work! :)

  2. grate post.I dont think I could kick a goul from halfeway