Friday, May 29, 2015


Once a pone a time their was a little girl who went to take here grandma
some food and wine.Along the way she met a wolf.And the wolf said
were are you going to my grandmas
she said. Were dose she live a whew
minutes away oh OK well by. And.And the wolf ran around a lake and  got to her grandmas place before she did and knocked on the on the door. who is it she it is me little red riding hood. OK come in she said the doors are unlocked.suddenly the wolf opened the door and ran in side grabbed her grandma and locked her in the coubed. And stoll some of her
clothes and lay in her bed.Then along
little red riding hood walked in…
finally she came into her room and
said oh what sharp teeth you have
and what big ears you have and you are much more higher thank you darling. Then.Then suddenly the wolf jumped  out of bed and ate her grandma then little red riding hood screamed here head of and man with a axe heard here and ran and cut the wolf open and she got here grandma back .

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