Thursday, May 28, 2015

Emotive Writing

This is my writing.It is emotive writing.Emotive means your feelings.We had to listen to music then write down ideas.Then we had to put the ideas into a story.Also we had to write about what it reminded us of.

                                   Emotive Writing

I carefully opened the door a crack.  Chills rushed down my body as the music started to play. Footsteps coming from the kitchen.Blood oozed down the walls I closed my eyes.I was terrified, petrified but I had made it to my bedroom. Finally I was so happy I could go back to sleep.    


The music reminded me of a funeral,horror movie/monsters, opera, nights fighting for freedom, the army and the end of a race in a movie.It was a little sad but not really.It was about 4 minutes long.                       

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