Thursday, October 1, 2015

RWC 2015

This my rugby world cup starter task. Worked with my learning buddy Kiana. To get this information we searched it up on the internet and Mrs Love emailed us a link to the rugby world cup website 2015. It was really cool choosing a country I knew nothing about and finding new information. As you can see on task one we weren't allowed to choose one of the 5 teams underlined and written in bold letters.

RWC Starter

Task 1
Choose a country that is in the RWC. Try to pick a country that you do not know much about.

It must not be New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, France or England.

Write that country here: Namibia

Task 2
FInd out this information about your team.

World ranking: 20
Continent it is on: Africa
Captain of the team: Jacques Burger
Team nickname: Welwitschias
A picture of the actual uniform
Captain of Namibia
Jacques Burger
Image result for Jacques Burger

Namibia's rugby world cup jersey 2015

Task 3
Find out this information about this country

Picture of the flag:
National symbol:
National animal: Oryx
National food: Crocodile, Kudu and Oryx, in Windhoek, Namibia
Capital city of the country: Windhoek
A map of the country:

Flag of Namibia

National animal of Namibia

National Symbol

National Food

Map of Namibia