Friday, October 16, 2015

Glenn B AKA My Dad

This is my piece of writing.It is a character piece which is were we describe someone really well.We had to describe someone wen knew.So I chose my dad. I really enjoyed learning a new type of writing.
WALT choose words that give the reader a vivid picture in their head

Glenn B AKA My Dad
Purpose: To Entertain
Text Type: Character Description
My Writing Goal:
Success Criteria:
  • Shows physical description
  • Shows character traits and actions
  • Organised into correct sentences and paragraphs
  • Strong nouns, verbs and adjectives
  • Uses a good simile and can use other language features effectively
  • Has an entertaining anecdote (little story that happened) about the character
  • Use a topic sentence to start a paragraph

Glenn B AKA My Dad

My dad is a casual dude who enjoys watching sport on tv and playing sport also he like’s Holdens. He is also a chilled back kind of dude and likes relaxing every once a while.

He has short curly hair and a small beard. He enjoys wearing the old jeans and work boots to work. I wouldn't call him a giant of a man  but he sure is a man. .Did you know that when he was at high school he set a record for the fastest 100 meter sprinter and in the final my dad was the fastest junior against the fastest senior and he one. He also likes drinking beer and coffee while relaxing on the porch in the sun.

My dad is a lot of things but here are some of them. He is a sporty guy and when it comes to family sports he sure is supportive. He is also a person who has time for family and enjoys spending time with them. That's what my dad is to me and my family.
By Cameron B

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